Sep 24

Monster B Gone AKA Monster D Tector

First, credits to Makezine where I originally saw this concept. James Floyd Kelly and Chris Jones are the article authors and the artwork / logo is from Brandon Steen

Initially I’m going to put most of my photos and videos here, and then I may add parts lists and details. If you want to build one, start with the article on Makezine. I wanted to add some visual and tactile steampunk type features, as the kid I was building for is pretty interested in mechanical detail and I thought she would appreciate it. When initially explaining it to my 3.5 year old granddaughter, she is also the one who asked what does it do if it finds a monster?  Can it kill it?  That prompted me to want to add a “kill” switch as well as sound when it’s scanning. Then, I felt it deserved a good case, so the matching Pelican 1200 was modded.

I am pretty mechanical and a solid DIY homeowner and DIY vehicle mechanic. I knew how to solder, but had zero experience with Adafruit, Arduino or anything like that although I am an IT person by day.

Here are the published video links of the project, followed by the photos. Jump to the bottom for the list of sources and products I used, which is still incomplete.


Monster B Gone bench mockup and explanation – video

Final Monster B Gone – video

Pelican 1200 case mod for Monster B Gone – video


Sep 13

Garage Freezer Rebuild Complete

Freezer rebuild project is complete. By doing this I saved $1,497.21 by not having to buy a Gladiator garage freezer for Ginger . This cost me about $52.69.

First photos from this summer from cleaning, fixing the interior fan, and adding new cover board on back.

Then painted it HD orange. Tread plate on the front. Painted gaskets black. (Black is the new Black). Force rusted metal bars (before photos included). Attached rusted bars. Rubber tread plate detail on the handle. Latches on the door so it can’t pop open and ruin 1k worth of beef vegetables.