Aug 07

Google Fiber – Notes pre-install

Just a test email.
I’ll look things over and send you a list of what I’m buying tomorrow preferably before noon.
Couple of things for now;
It does NOT look like you can tie two gmail accounts to one Fiber account. I see lots of users have asked for it, and google has accepted it as a feature request they are working on. I also logged into my Fiber account and don’t see any way to do that.
Google Fiber DOES include wireless, and each TV box is also wireless and every Network box are also wireless routers, and the Network box is also a 4 port router. These 4 ports could support printers, computers, OOMA, etc. So this is really good.
There is also the Storage Box which is essentially the DVR for all TVs, and it’s about 4x the size of the Time Warner DVR. Each TV Box also has a Network Port that could be used to connect computer, OOMA, or any network device.googlefiber
This page shows all devices, and on the right you can read about specific devices. But you should end up with a Network Box, TV Box(es), Storage Box.
Allegedly the DVR can record up to 8 shows at once.
There really are only three options; 1) free Internet, 2) Gigabit Internet, 3) Gigabit Internet + TV.