Aug 02

Free Microsoft Training – Microsoft Virtual Academy

One of the best free training resources out there is the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA). It has a LOT of free training on all topics. A couple of weeks ago, I attended two sessions on “What’s new in R2” for Server 2012, which is a topic I would think most sysadmins would appreciate.


Now the recorded versions of those sessions have been posted online here; What’s New in Windows Server 2012 R2 Jump Start

You get “points” for attending training and can watch your ranking against other individuals.


Aug 01

Utilities used in VMware VCP5 Training

In the VMware VCP5 training, we used several utilities.

Some of these I had used before, but some of these were new to me so I put them all in a list.


  1. BGinfo was on all of the lab servers to easily show the information about what box you were on.
  2. TrapReceiver was used to set up test SNMP traps.
  3. IOmeter was used. I’ve used this before. It’s dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. It can fill up a drive with gigs of test data in seconds. CAUTION!
  4. CPUbusy – you see this talked about in VMware forums and online. You might have to dig for this on Google but here are some links; and
  5. EXTPART – the Dell utility for quickly expanding volumes.
  6. NEWSID.exe
  7. Also, here is the authoritative (from VMware) list of acronyms and definitions.